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Private Jewelry Workshop - Seattle

Private Jewelry Workshop - Seattle

In this one-on-one in person workshop, you will be making a minimalist sterling silver necklace at a jeweler’s bench using traditional silversmithing tools. You will learn the fundamental basics of silversmithing - to saw, file, texture, stamp, solder, polish - and use these skills to make necklaces of your own design.

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What is included:

- 1-hour demo of fundamental silversmithing techniques

- 3-hour creative hours for yourself

Materials Provided:

- 1x1'' 18 gauge sterling silver sheet

- 12'' sterling silver tube

- 6'' 18 gauge sterling silver wire

- 6'' 16 gauge sterling silver wire

- Necklace thread (36 colors to choose from)

At the end of the workshop, you will go home with one or more minimalist necklaces depending how you want to work with the materials provided.

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Have a jewelry design you want to realize with your own hands? Email us at and we can work out a private making session!