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Jewelry With Meaning.

Newly established in 2020 by a designer couple, HanJi Jewelry is a Seattle-based online jeweler for sterling silver and gold jewelry. They offer jewelry designs created to convey concepts, often inspired by forms in nature or readings of philosophy. Another passion of theirs is to create custom-designed jewelry for individuals, where they get to bring the customer along on the journey.


Meet Our Team

Kaining Wang

Co-founder, Designer, Metalsmith

Kaining's passion for art and culture stemmed from an early age due to her unique upbringing. Although she was originally born in Germany, she was later raised in Shanghai, China, where her love for drawing and crafts really began to blossom. This affinity for the arts led her to return back to Germany where she lived for 3 years while going to school and taking in the diverse beauty that Europe has to offer.

Kaining spent her time in Europe further developing her knowledge of various artforms and making connections with like-minded individuals. It’s through those connections and further study of jewelry design in the U.S. at the Rhode Island School of Design that Kaining was inspired with the initial dream of her owning her own jewelry design company. Little did she know that dream would one day become a reality and lead to the founding of HanJi Jewelry.

Shao-Hsuan Hou

Co-founder, Designer

As a Senior Industrial Designer, Shao-Hsuan (or Sean) is always coming up with the most unexpected ideas and strives to make them come true. He’s always had a love for crafting things by hand and gets inspired by physical phenomena in the natural world. His passion for symmetry, perfectionist-like personality, and creative design intelligence contribute greatly towards upholding the level of design excellence we adhere to at HanJi Jewelry.

Additionally, Shao-Hsuan’s opto-electronic engineering background provides him with a unique perspective in viewing the world which is a valuable tool we use to create such unique jewelry designs. This background sparked his interest in the world of gemstones and eventually led to the creation of HanJi Design which he intends to use as an outlet to further explore his love for design in the form of intricate, one-of-a-kind jewelry.


We’re always looking to spread the word about our brand. For inquiries about partnerships and collaborations, send us an email at