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How It Works*

Step 1

Submit your design request by clicking on Start Customizing.

Step 2

Review our proposal drawings and provide feedback.

Step 3

Review visual renderings of a 3D model before you agree to begin manufacturing.

Past Projects


18K White Gold, Diamonds

Abstract Letter Bracelet For Jing

This triple-layer bracelet design features white gold chains with two round diamonds that was screened by the GIA Melee Analysis. It holds a charm at the center to represent the customer's initial and Chinese zodiac sign of the rabbit.

18K Rose Gold

Year of the Ox Pendant For Sophie

This stylized ox features a lucky pattern inspired by designs in traditional Chinese paper cutting. Just like papercuts symbolize good fortune, we hope this pendant will bring the wearer good health, joy and happiness.

14K Yellow Gold, Lab-Grown Rubies

Heart Earrings for Patricia

These earrings feature heart-inspired elements accented with a pair of bright red rubies, made to embody strength and individuality.

14K White Gold, Natural Pink Sapphire

Ox Charm Pendant For Nana

The little ox cradles a heart-shaped pink sapphire. This pendant is made especially for her first natal year of the ox.

14K Yellow Gold, Lab-Grown Rubies

Tree of Life Ruby Earrings For Lia

This pair of earrings features the Tree of Life symbol with a matching pair of rich red rubies. They are designed and crafted to infuse the wearer with abundance and positivity.

14K Yellow Gold, Blue Topaz, Diamonds

Topaz Bracelet For Shen

Made with exquisite design and craftsmanship, this bracelet featuring alternating oval topazes and round diamonds made its first appearance at her son's wedding.

14K Yellow Gold, Lab-Grown Rubies

Minimalist Heart Earrings For Nadine

The minimalistic mountings hold the heart-shaped ruby pair secure and reveal the vibrant ruby red to the greatest extent. They are made to deliver a message that reminds a loved one of her blessings.