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Which Shade of Gold Jewelry Suits You?

By :Kaining Wang 0 comments
Which Shade of Gold Jewelry Suits You?

When it comes to style, you make the instinctive choice to wear what you’re naturally drawn to—but how do you know what looks best with your skin type? At HanJi Design there are three distinct paths to take when making your color selection, and making the right choice will help you shine in your best light. Let’s take a closer look at yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold to find out which is the best match for your skin type.

Yellow Gold

This is a skin-type pairing that is as old as history. Beginning in ancient Kemet 5,000 years ago, gold was seen as a must-have metal that adorned queens and kings. This precious metal even followed these fashion-forward innovators into the afterlife, further emphasizing how well gold jewelry complemented their lives.

To this day, yellow gold is still the go-to for many jewelry designs because of its classic timelessness and huge popularity among consumers. Those with warm skin undertones look best in yellow gold jewelry and especially those with rich, dark skin tones.

White Gold

For those with cool or medium skin tones, white gold jewelry is the look for you. The interplay between these types of skin shades and a contrasting white gold jewelry piece is one that plays exceptionally well. Its silvery finish really will help to complement your skin’s natural highlights.

One of the big benefits of white gold too is that it pairs well with both dark and brightly colored clothing, so you don’t have to stress over picking the perfect outfit to match your jewelry piece. We recommend pairing subtle white gold earrings or a ring with your summer outfits rather than a chunky statement necklace or dangly earrings to give yourself a more refined look.

Rose Gold

Rose Gold carries an understated charm that pairs well with pale skin. Pale skin with warm undertones pick up the natural rose coloring of this metal for a complement that makes perfect sense. Think of it as a gold with a blush, and pair with more neutral-colored outfits to give more attention to your jewelry.

Styling rose gold should also come with matching style elements. If you opt for rose gold earrings, you should also opt for a rose gold necklace. Don’t go too big, keep things subtle to keep this type of gold shining in the way that suits it best.

Key Takeaways

There you have it! The next time you are browsing through our collection, trying to pick out jewelry to go with your outfit in the morning, or dropping hints to your partner about what type of ring you would like on that left finger, keep in mind which gold suits you. If you like this article, feel free to share it, and read more.

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