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Tips for Storing Jewelry to Maintain Its Longevity

By :Kaining Wang 0 comments
Tips for Storing Jewelry to Maintain Its Longevity

Everybody should learn how to store, secure, and maintain your precious jewelry to ensure its longevity. Most people who wear jewelry do not have a dependable storage place for storing their valuables. People wear it every day, leave their jewelry out and readily accessible, or do not take their jewelry off when they should. Especially sleeping with jewelry and leaving jewelry unattended leads to broken or lost jewelry over time.

Making sure your jewelry is stored correctly will keep them safe and in good condition for many years. It is also crucial to secure your jewelry as they can become the targets of thieves. If you have overlooked the organization of them right away, having all of these jewelry pieces can be quite daunting. To help you get the most from your jewels and assist you in caring for them along the way, we have come up with efficient and useful tips that will store your jewelry and get things back in order. Below are a few tips to make sure your jewelry stays safe for many years!

It Begins with Storage

Make sure jewelry is dry and cleaned before storing it. Any jewelry that will be in storage for longer than a week should have the tarnish removed. Storing tarnished jewelry with untarnished jewelry will result in both pieces spoiling faster. Moisture can cause oxidation and can cause the metal to tarnish or degrade quicker. Try storing in individual airtight zippered plastic bags, a cotton-lined box, or a jewelry pouch. This will cut down on tarnish and keep it from becoming scratched or tangled with other pieces of jewelry. It is up to you to put your precious jewelry in a clean, cool, and dry place. The right jewelry box can help hold your jewels and keep them organized. We also recommend that jewelry should be stored away from dampness, direct sunlight, and extremes of heat or cold. You should try to keep the packaging and boxes that it comes in, as it is the simplest and the best way to protect it from damage and dust. Find our signature jewelry boxes here.

Store Jewelry Separately by Type 

Different gemstones do not have the same hardness and can easily scratch or get tangled up when stored together. Think about how you want to store it; make sure to close any fastening, so items don’t twist or catch and keep jewelry in soft-lined compartments. Strengthening metals in your jewelry are the cause of most jewelry tarnish. You should store silver in airtight bags to minimize oxidation and silica gel packs to absorb sulfur, causing jewelry to lose its shine and moisture from the air. Store large pieces separately wrapped in polishing cloth or inside a felt pouch to limit the exposure to air. Choose cotton or acid-free tissue to cover precious and semi-precious jewels, silver, and gold. Pearls are soft and will easily scratch, so it’s recommended to take extra precautions when handling. 

What is the Perfect Environment?

Environmental factors like high humidity and pollution are the main culprits that accelerate the process that tarnishes jewelry. Especially during the summer months if you live in a humid climate. You might want to consider a dehumidifier or running an air conditioner in the room that your jewelry is stored. Silica gels can also help in the absorption of moisture, so put one in your jewelry box. 

Many of us are accustomed to removing jewelry when going to the gym or taking care of chores, but your everyday routine can also play an aspect in tarnishing jewelry. Things like nail polish remover, cosmetics, hair spray, and lotion can cause corrosion or discoloration. Some pieces of jewelry are more reactive to air, depending on which metals are in the alloy. Oxidation is the term used to describe the chemical reaction when certain metals are exposed to oxygen in the atmosphere. So, in other words, even air plays a part in tarnishing jewelry, and that’s an extremely difficult one to avoid.

Key Takeaways

So apart from making sure your jewelry space is clean and neat, think about how you can turn it into a beautiful place. You can save your hard-earned money with these easy tips to properly take care of your jewelry when you are not wearing them. Send us an email at to learn more about jewelry storage or to let us know what you want to read next on the blog!

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